Bodies of display and control device CyberEye

 The battery charging LED

  • Charging - red LED
  1. Charging over - green LED

Notification LED

  • displays the notification of the operating system

GPS receiver LED

  1. LED is lit - the receiver searches for satellites, GPS positioning is not 
  • LED blinking - GPS receiver sees enough satellites, GPS positioning is available


Power button device

  1. When you click on the device goes into "sleep mode", which disables all peripheral devices and the CPU enters the power saving mode. The device is in "sleep mode" can be a single charge is 15 days. Pressing out of it. If you press and hold the button for 5 seconds, the device can enter sleep mode, leaving the work-in GPS receiver. This saves time for hot start the GPS receiver. In this mode, the device without additional charge could be up to 20 hours. It is recommended to use this mode when in a confined space such as in an airplane for a quick start after the open.






MicroUSB connector

  1. Is used for charging and for connecting to a personal computer using Activesync.


Reset button

  1. when you press a hidden button with a pencil or paper clip, there is a soft reboot of the operating system, if at the same time press the power button and reset button, there is a hard reset the device. All data on flash drives are stored.







Sound jack

  1. Connects to a mono-headset














  1. Used to control, is on the back of the display


Charging - LED red